Blog Introduction

As this is our very first post on this blog, we thought we’d tell you a little bit about what we hope to do with it.

If you are reading this then you don’t need to be told what the main subject of the blog is, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? (Michelle Dockery, just in case *wink wink*)

Of course everything on this blog will be related to her so basically if you’re not a fan of Michelle then maybe this isn’t the best place to be… Unless you have just discovered her and would like to know more about her and then in that case, this is the perfect place to be!

We will be posting regular updates and will post about her professional and personal life without going too far into the latter. We wouldn’t want to breach her privacy.

And, evidently, with updates come photos. There will be plenty of photos to look through and again we will try not to upload anything too personal so as not to invade her privacy.

Articles will include interviews, trailers for upcoming movies or tv shows, snipits from news paper / magazine articles, moments on the red carpet and of course, behind the scenes footage of Michelle in any films or series she has been in so far.

We also like to keep old projects (such as Downton Abbey) current, therefore there will be throwback articles to some of her days as Lady Mary Crawley as well as newer articles featuring her in her upcoming films (such as The Sense of an Ending).

We hope this has got you interested in the blog and that you will follow us and join us in supporting the amazing Michelle Suzanne Dockery.

We would just like to specify that we do not know Michelle personally, nor do we work for her. This blog is entirely fan-based. Thank you.


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